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5 Benefits of Choosing an Internet Online Marketing Advertising Business

Internet marketing continues to grow in popularity and interest. More and more companies are looking to Internet marketing for their businesses as they realize the strength of the system. Companies and businesses manage to become more popular and more recognizable while receiving more traffic and sales through online marketing.

There are plenty of businesses that attempt Internet online marketing on their own. They think that they can handle all of the intricate aspects of online marketing, but will often fail to provide their company with the success that they could achieve.

If you are thinking about online marketing you need to hire an Internet online marketing advertising business. This business will provide you with the professionalism that you need to succeed.

Less Work for You

The simplest but most beneficial benefit stems from the fact that Internet marketing businesses make your life easier. They do all of the work for you, opening your time up to other projects. You can still have the Internet marketing that you need without taking up valuable company time.

Professional Experience

Internet marketing businesses have done this before, and will be experienced in the area of online marketing. Their professional experience will help them to give you the most successful Internet marketing possible. They will avoid what has not worked in the past and will highlight the things that have worked; this will make your marketing campaign efficient and successful.


An Internet marketing business will know how to directly connect with your target audience. They are experienced with target markets, and will be able to connect with them on levels that you may not have been able to do on your own. This connection is incredibly important, as it leads to interest, sales, and loyalty.


Internet marketing businesses have a wide repertoire of services for you to choose from. Their abilities outnumber the abilities of those who attempt to do Internet marketing on their own without any experience. They will simply provide you with as many tools as possible.


Online marketing businesses are known for being creative. They try to push boundaries and change tactics to keep campaign exciting and fresh. These professionals will bring creativity to your campaign that you would not be able to bring alone.

These five benefits show how a professional Internet online marketing advertising business can help your company to reach its potential. The tactics that have been refined and perfected by these companies will help to drive traffic to your website and will raise awareness of your company and brand. To put it simply, these professionals will be able to achieve results that few would be able to achieve when trying online marketing out on their own. If you want your online marketing to be successful you need to rely on one of these professional companies.

5 Reasons Why Data is Critical for Hotel Marketers

There has been a lot of buzz in the press over the last several years about Big Data. The explosion of data, coupled with increased consumer expectations for personalized communications and service, has the potential to completely change the way marketers communicate with their audience. Here are five reasons why data is so important for hotels in particular.

1. Why does data volume and variety matter?

By collecting data through guest bookings and engagement, hotel marketers can get enough data on their guest population to gain valuable insights. Not getting a sufficient amount of data leads to inconclusive results. But, with a large volume and variety of demographic, social, behavioral, and transactional data, hoteliers can deliver more personalized communications and services to people who have interests and preferences in common. They can also create complete guest profiles, to engage more deeply on a one-to-one level. This first-party data is free to collect, and provides deep insights to truly understand, engage, and convert current and incoming guests.

For example, hoteliers can use first-party data collected from guests currently in the database to build look-alike segments. They can then use these segments to target guests with similar demographic and interest profiles to increase guest loyalty and satisfaction.

2. Why does data quality matter?

Stale, inaccurate guest data means wasted dollars and irrelevant guest experiences. Capturing first-party data and keeping it up-to-date and accurate is the key to reaching the right guest with the right message at the right time. Quality data also increases campaign deliverability (more on that here) and customization. And, it gives you more accurate insights into how to improve your operations to increase guest satisfaction.

3. Why do you segment data?

Sending one-size-fits-all messages to guests results in hit-or-miss performance. Segmenting guests based on location, interests, past purchases and other data points enables hotel marketers to reach a more defined audience with highly relevant messaging. Catering content, offers, and more to specific attributes of guest profiles optimizes spend, engagement, conversion, and loyalty.

For example, you can improve conversions and loyalty by segmenting guests according to their on-site behaviors. Say you notice that your spa has openings for an upcoming weekend. You can create a segment of guests who have booked with your spa and live within driving distance of the hotel. Inviting these guests back with a special spa offer is more likely to be effective than a generic blast to your entire database.

4. Why do hotel marketers need to access data directly?

When left dependent and waiting on an IT department to run reports and segment data, or on a marketing firm to create and deliver HTML emails, hotel marketers lose the agility needed to reach guests with highly pertinent messages at prime points of influence. The ability to directly access, analyze, and act on data results in rapid campaign turnaround, testing and optimization based on guests’ real-time interests and behaviors.

5. Why does it matter to understand guests across channels?

Without a single repository for all guest data, hotels can easily lose track of guests across social, email, PMS, POS, GSS, and other channels. Consolidating guest data across systems and collecting it in individual profiles unlocks the ability to create personalized guest experiences that span multiple touch points across that guest’s stay.

Now that you know why it’s important to collect guest data and nurture a guest database, how do you get started? CLICK HERE to register for our upcoming webinar, Email Marketing Best Practices for Hoteliers to learn how.

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5 Ideas for Segmenting Your Database

There are certain things we know to be true when it comes to email marketing. For one, segmented email marketing campaigns achieve way higher open and click-thru rates than non-segmented email marketing campaigns. We crunched the numbers using our very own customer data and concluded that campaigns segmented with our Smart Segment Builder saw a 20% higher open rate, 70% higher click-thru rate and 73% higher revenue per recipient than non-segmented campaigns.

With the release of our new Segment Builder, we have seen lots of creative ways that our customers have been segmenting their database to send more targeted, relevant campaigns and we wanted to share with you some of the best examples here.

#1 Campaign: Extend Your Stay

Segment: Check-Out Day

The Dutch Hotel in Maastricht encouraged guests to extend their stay by one night with this eye-catching campaign.

British Columbia

Check-Out Day The Dutch Hotel

#2 Campaign: Weekly Update

Segment: Check in and Check out dates

The Hotel Emma in San Antonio, Texas updated their incoming guests on all of the fun festivities they have planned for during their stay.

Children Blockade Runner

email marketing


#3 Campaign: Winback

Segment: Geography, Market, Rate Code

The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront Hotel in Vancouver, British Columbia wanted their local guests to feel extra special with this exclusive winback incentive created just for them.

Hotel EmmaMarket segmentation

#4 Campaign: 4th of July Holiday

Segment: Reservations with Children vs Reservations without Children

Blockade Runner Beach Resort in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina made sure the right email marketing message got in front of the right audience by dividing their database into reservations with children and reservations without children.


New Hampshire

New Hampshire limitedNorth Carolina

#5 Campaign: Summer Flash Sale

Segment: No Future Guests, Within 500 Mile radius

Mountain View Resort Grand Resort in Whitefield, New Hampshire limited their flash sale on July stay dates to those living within 500 miles of their property.

Rate Code The Pinnacle Hotel Harbourfront Hotel

San Antonio

For suggestions on how you might want to segment your database or test out email marketing automation with our Revinate Marketing solution, please reach out to our Technical Account Managers at [email protected]

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